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Get From Point A to B


Jessica Warman Cars is able to provide a local taxi service in and around Hampshire and West Sussex. The car is fitted with a fully calibrated meter, set to the current EHDC set tariff. The latest rate card can be viewed in the car.

Customers have already been transported to and from local wedding venues, local private schools, South Downs Way walkers and local bed and breakfasts.

To make a booking or discuss your requirements, click here or call/WhatsApp 07340 893798.


Jessica Warman Cars is able to provide a competitive quote upon request for your long distance travel. Whether you are considering a trip to the theatre perhaps in London or Guildford, whether you have family you would like to bring to you from other counties, or even if you need to travel abroad, Jessica is able to provide a quote for all journeys. Please email with full details and a quote will be provided to you within 24 hours.

Local and Long Distance Journeys: Our Services
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